Board of Directors

The Duquette Pines Homeowners Association Board of Directors is composed of five individuals, each elected by the property owners for a term of three years.

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Lisa Burt, President, (
Dee Woodstrom, ( 392-6789
Kris Wallworth , (
Steve Newman , (
Kurt Sundquist, ( 417-217-2300

David Burt, Property Manager, 577-7792
Lisa Kindelberger, Bookkeeper, ( 392-4708

Board Responsibilities

The Duquette Pines Architectural Control Board, Inc., currently does business under the name "Duquette Pines Homeowners Association" (DPHOA). There is no change in how we do business or the workings of the Board, but the change more accurately reflects our purpose.

These are the responsibilities of the DPHOA Board:
-- Approval or disapproval of building plans and granting waivers or variances where appropriate;
-- Set road and site maintenance and snow removal assessment rates;
-- Manage the property, business and affairs of the Association;
-- Oversee the maintenance of common grounds and subdivision roads;
-- Hire and/or contract for the necessary services to ensure the maintenance of roads, water system and common areas;
-- Water system maintenance;
-- Billing and collection of subdivision assessments; and
-- Review complaints and when necessary, act upon owner/resident Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) violations.

The Property Manager and the DPHOA Board coordinate road and site maintenance and snow removal work. Owners can direct any questions or problems to any Board member.

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