A reminder to all Duquette Pines residents from your Home Owner Association about Dogs running at large.  The following is a direct quote from Idaho State Law.


25-2805 Dogs running at large--Penalty.


Any person, who, after complaint has been made by any person to the sheriff, who shall serve a copy of said notice upon such person complained of, willfully or negligently permits any dog owned or possesssed or harbored by him to be, or run, at large without a competent and responsible attendant or master, within the limits of any city, town, or village or in the vicinity of any farm, pasture, ranch, dwelling house, or cultivated lands of another, or who willfully or negligently fails, neglects or refuses to keep any such dog securely confined within the limits of his own premises when not under the immediate care and control of a competent and responsible attendant or master, shall be guilty of an infraction punishable as provided in section 18-113A, Idaho Code.


Idaho Code 18-113A.  PUNISHMENT FOR INFRACTION.  Every offense declared to be an infraction is punishable only by a penalty not exceeding one hundred dollars ($100) and no imprisonment.


Please try to abide by Idaho State Law so that your Dogs do not become a problem for your neighbors.