Subdivision Security Gate and Telephone


Purchase remote control.
It's convenient to be able to open our gate with the push of 1 button from inside your vehicle, especially in bad weather when you would rather not roll your window down. The Board has done some research and located a supplier of remote openers who will give us a $5.00 discount on each opener if we purchase a minimum of 10. The usual cost is $30; so your total cost would come down to $25.00.

Or, you can purchase remote controls at Radio Shack or any authorized Lift-Master dealer. The Radio Shack garage door and gate control catalog number is 62-2116 and the Lift-Master type is a single function Model 61LM. The gate opener must have 9 code switches. However, the remote control will require some programming before it will work. The property managers can assist you with programming the control so the control will work properly.

Gate Problems. A contact list of individuals to call is posted at the gate should you experience problems with the gate. Periodic power outages may cause the gate to not open. DO NOT DRIVE through the gate, but call someone on the contact list and they will come down to open it.

Gate Combination. Changes to the gate combination are typically made annually. Owners will be notified by the DPHOA in advance when the gate combination changes. If you rent and do not have a remote control, your landlord should provide you with the gate combination.

Opening Gate. If you are having a large number of visitors on a particular day or you have a contractor and his/her workers accessing the subdivision to do work on your property, contact the maintenance manager or any Board member. They can arrange to leave the gate open on those occasions.

Telephone Use. If you or another family member use the telephone located at the gate, please be sure you close the door that encloses the telephone. If left open, dust will damage the phone.

PLEASE DO NOT punch in the security gate code without driving a vehicle through the gate. If a vehicle is not driven through the gate, the gate remains open. When the next vehicle begins to drive through the gate, the sensors trigger the gate to close. The gate will then be broken and damage could occur to the vehicle. If you have youth in your family, you may want to remind them of this problem.

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