Mountain Folk News
1st QUARTER 2008

  Happy Snow Year!!

As you know, we live in a development with restrictive covenants. Not only a gate at the entrance, but there are things we must or must not do around here. We are working with a few families currently to encourage them to follow these guidelines/restrictions.

I could really get on my soapbox about this, but I know that if you wander by my place you might find something that is not in place, or painted properly. So, instead I would just ask you all to read our covenants and see where there is some improvement needed on your place. If you need help, ask; we might be able to figure something out, after all, we're neighbors!

Winter Driving in Duquette

Safe winter driving in Duquette is just as important as anywhere else you may travel. We thought a few reminders might be good, especially for the new folks as the winter is upon us.

1. Snow Plow - Please do not crowd the plow while they are clearing the roads. They will look for you and pull over when they can to let you by. It may seem like they are slow; but to have them turn and take out your bumper (or worse) would not be worth the time you are trying to save.

2. Plan to leave early - It takes longer, and if you follow #3, you need more time.

3. Drive slow - It may seem obvious, but it does get slippery and people tend to slide on the curves; besides, there are times when it is really tough to stop.

4. Chain up if you think you need to at a safe location or better yet, chain up in Idaho City and enjoy the whole drive up. If you stop in the road after you need your chains, you may be blocking traffic or be in the way of someone who didn't read #3.

5. Park in your driveway not on the roads - It is important for the snowplow to have the whole road to do his work. If you park on the road, someone who has not read #3 may hit your car. At night or low light they may not see your car if it's covered in snow. If you can't navigate your driveway, arrange for a safe place to leave your vehicle.

6. Keep your snow on your property- When you clear your driveway, please do not put the snow on the road area. Piles of snow on the road are dangerous to those who may be driving by and haven't read #3.

7. It's our neighborhood, try #2 and #3, turn your headlights on, help your neighbor and enjoy the winter. There'll be dust flying before you know it.

Our Proposed Fire House
Is it a Good Idea? If so, Where Should it be Built?

Thanks to the Idaho City Fire Dept (ICFD) our subdivision has been offered the use of an extra fire engine/tanker. Our only responsibility would be to provide a heated garage for storage.

The Board would like to get some feedback from you. The garage would likely cost between $40,000 to $50,000 to build, but would provide a tanker full of water for immediate use in case of fire. While we have been very impressed with the response time from the ICFD, the stationing of a tanker in our subdivision would improve that response plus add an additional tanker for use on any fire in or near our subdivision.

All maintenance and upkeep would be provided by ICFD. The issue then is to decide if we should proceed. No additional fees or assessments would be required, as we have enough money banked to fund this expenditure.

If we decide to build this garage, we then have to decide on a location. Only two sites are being considered, since this would be erected on community property. Both sites are in Division Four.

Advantages of the Two Sites

The first potential site is located on Meadow Drive next to Mann's residence, by the existing hydrant. By constructing the Firehouse here, we will provide a central location for responding to fires. This location also has the advantage of having water available to the site for filling the Fire truck with water, washing firehose and maintaining the truck (which the second site does not have). The meadow Dr. site would have fewer problems with the fire truck exiting the firehouse during wet and snowy conditions because of the firm road that exists at this location. The Meadow Dr. site also presents fewer problems as far as security is concerned, since the Firehouse would be in a location that is visible to home owners and passing motorists.

The second potential location is at the end of Lantern Drive off Meadow, at the northern end of the subdivision. This location has several advantages. One, it is not intrusive on the subdivision, since it would be out of sight for the majority of homeowners. Second is the advantage of cost savings. Division 4 was promised a secure RV storage area by developer Brad Stone, and the board is hoping to make this a reality. This storage will be available to all homeowners in Duquette. By combining the garage and RV storage, we would minimize the cost of electrical and site prep. Third, combining both would improve security.

As you can see, both sites have their advantages and their disadvantages. But, at this time, neither site has the full support of all the members of the Board. If you wish to weigh in on this one, we would be delighted to hear your opinion.

At our May 2007 Annual Meeting, there seemed to be unanimous support for us to build a fire house, which is why the Board has continued researching the issue. Our attorney has examined the question of using community property for the fire house, and based upon his reading of the Covenants, he sees no legal impediment to doing so.

Now we are bringing the proposal to a larger audience through both a Newsletter and this blog. Thanks for reading this. And please feel free to comment.