Mountain Folk News
June 2007

Annual Meeting Highlights

Approximately 30 property owners attended the Duquette Pines Association annual meeting on May 19, 2007.
• The financial report was presented.

• President Brent Adamson welcomed Duquette Division #4 to their first Annual meeting since the October 2006 election changing the Bylaws to include Division #4 to the Association.

• Manager, Jim White, provided an update on road, gate and water issues. With the assistance of Ray Eklund, Association member and District Silviculturist for the Idaho City Ranger District of the USDA Forest Service, Jim reminded
owners of the need to remove dead/diseased trees from their property to help eliminate further beetle infestation. (See Tree Health article in the March 2007 newsletter for further information).

• The members were advised that the Board had approved a ‘dust abatement’ application by our road contractor, Gardner Construction, for all roads in Duquette Pines. This application process will consist of magnesium chloride in a
water dilution to be applied 3 or 4 times. This is being done this year on a ‘trial basis’ to determine the effectiveness of the procedure and the product.

• Bylaws: Prior to the Annual meeting, letters had been sent to property owners to advise of a proposal to amend Article IX, Section D of the Bylaws of DPACB dba DPHOA. This section addressed limitations (‘term limits’) for Board Members.
Members were advised that a vote would be held at the Annual meeting and members in attendance could vote at this meeting or, members who were unable to be present at the meeting were able to provide a proxy. A vote was held of the members
present, including the proxy ballots. The proposal to change the bylaws to eliminate term limits was unanimously approved.

• Elections: Three Board positions will be open in 2007. The election process was explained and nominations were opened at the meeting and accepted June 15, 2007. Ballots will be mailed by the end of June and must be received back by July
15, 2007.

• Fire House: The Board is working with the Idaho City Volunteer Fire Department with the goal of having a ‘satellite’ fire station in Duquette Pines with Idaho City Fire Department providing a truck to be housed in Duquette. The consensus of the
members present at this annual meeting was that a fire station was a priority for Duquette Pines. Discussion was held regarding possible location for the fire house and options for building materials. This will be a major project and the Board is obtaining information necessary to be able to proceed with a proposal for the Association members. We are obtaining information to determine size of structure needed; cost estimates for a building and review the location options.


This year, we need to fill three vacancies on our DPHOA board. Four individuals have chosen to run. Their names
and Duquette street addresses are as follows:
Brent Adamson / 27 Skyline Rd (Sub 1)
Roy Doan / 55 Rosebush (Sub 4)
Jared Harrington / 5 Chipmunk Circle (Sub 3)
Kim Heintzman / 11 Aspen Cr. (Sub 1)

Mr. Adamson is currently board president, and will be running for his third term on the board. He has been a
resident of Duquette for approximately 14 years. Brent would like to help in stabilizing the finished projects from
the merger of Div 4—and move us forward in a continued quality direction. He would like to clean up current
projects, especially the work on the firehouse.

Mr. Doan has owned property in Duquette for approximately three years. He states that he is especially
interested in the future of our common areas, such as the small portion of the meadow that remains commonly held,
and the land that has been set aside for RV storage.

Mr. Harrington was raised in Boise County, but is new this year to our subdivision. He indicates that, if elected,
he plans to listen to the concerns of other residents and try to make the neighborhood the best one possible.
Mr. Heintzman has owned property in Duquette for two years. He wants to do what he can to retain this
subdivision’s special quality. He finds the people at Duquette to be friendly and wants everyone to be
proud that they live here. He thinks he can be a voice for their concerns. He would like to continue to address
the dust issue on the roads and to make sure that everyone in Duquette feels the board is representing


                                                                    DPHOA Board Member Election

The Duquette Pines Homeowners Association Board (Architectural Control Board) consists of five board members
and two alternates. An alternate will fill a board member’s position should an existing Association board member vacate
his/her position, until tenure of the position expires or another election is held. Board member terms are three years and
begin August 1, 2007.

As property owners in Duquette Pines Subdivisions 1, 2, 3, and 4 you have the opportunity to elect three Board members
to the DPHOA Board this year. The seats currently held by Brent Adamson and Theresa Mann (three year terms) will
be filled when ballots received by July 15, 2007 are counted.

In addition, Elizabeth Nelson was the alternate selected to fill the seat of prior Board Member Carol Kirkland (resigned).
The person elected to fill this seat at this election (the nominee receiving the third highest number of votes) will complete the
final year of that three year term and the position will end on August 1, 2008.

It’s important that each of us take the time to consider our vote as we continue to address issues relevant to all property
owners. Board members attend not only regular and special board meetings but also community meetings, and work on
various Board and subdivision projects. All these activities require a considerable commitment of time by each Board


The 2007-2008 Invoices are included in this mailing. Owners with balances owing will also receive a Statement of the
outstanding amount. You will notice a change in the fees for road and site maintenance this year. The Board determined that we were able to minimize the increase to Sub #4 and did not have to raise them to the rate previously being paid by the other Subdivisions - and, in fact, were able to decrease the others to establish one road and site assessment fee at $340.00 per
year. Water users’ rate will be maintained at $240.00 per year.


As we enter the hottest and driest time of the year, we are reminded how vulnerable Duquette Pines is to a
catastrophic wildfire.
Our subdivision borders BLM-administered property on the west that has not been adequately managed to reduce
the threat of fires. Unfortunately, that’s the direction of the prevailing winds. The Board has pushed for a prescribed burn on
this federally held property, but it did not happen this past spring.
Luckily, we are the recipient of another county-administered grant that, coupled with the first wildfire mitigation
grant we received, should offer D.P. residents some protection.
Last week our manager, Jim White, met with Gordon Ravenscroft, the county’s disaster services coordinator, to
see how best to spend the $60,000. The grant money allows crews to thin and remove fuel buildup on our properties. Our
responsibilities are minimal: do something with the slash piles.
If you’re interested in being part of this, talk to your neighbors who were part of the first grant, or contact Jim
White. He’s got the details.