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May 2009


Annual Meeting Announcement


Greetings neighbors,


Our annual meeting is at the end of this month and we thought you would want to know.   We have no big news to announce at this year’s meeting; we’re guessing you already know about the recession that’s going on, so that won’t be a surprise if we mention that topic.  Besides the usual topics of water, road, budget, elections, and fire prevention—we thought we would talk about the other topic that gets mentioned—dust abatement.  Last year, by all the responses we got, it was great.  We are planning on doing the same this year if we find a suitable price and contractor. 


Visit our website at www.duquettepines.com for information about what is going on.  If you have questions you can always email or call one of us, anytime. 


So, come and have a cup of coffee and talk with your neighbors.  The date—May 30, 2009 at the Senior Center in Idaho City on Bear Run road, 10:00 am.