Mountain Folk News

December 2002

A Web Site for Duquette Pines Homeowners

Ever wondered where to look for the minutes of the last Board meeting? Or a quick update on the water or road situation? We've all been there.

Hopefully, within the month folks will be able to access this information -- and much more -- on our own Duquette Pines HOA web site. More and more homeowners' associations across the country are now using web sites to connect residents with important and timely information. Our website is being created for free and will be maintained by Board members willing to learn the bare essentials of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).

The site will have the following clickable buttons: Board of Directors, Meetings & Minutes, Documents & Forms, Newsletters, FAQs, New Residents, Suggestion Box, and Email the President. We'll also have buttons named History of Duquette Pines and Photo Album and possibly one for Classifieds.

The center column of the site will be devoted to What's New in the Neighborhood, with updates on water and road issues, fire issues, upcoming events, etc.

I can't promise when our web site will be done, but we're aiming for January of 2003. We'll post the web address around the subdivision when it's ready to go.

If any of this sounds a little scary to you, I would suggest you go talk to Jim White. A few years ago he didn't know the first thing about computers; and now he sends lousy jokes through cyberspace with the best of 'em!

Bruce Reichert

Send Us Your Email Address!!

We have email addresses for many owners and residents, and if you received a "test" email from me a few weeks ago you know you are on our list. If you did not receive the test and you have email, you may send it to:

I will add you to our Duquette Pines Emailing List. In addition to the exciting website Bruce is working on, the board hopes to utilize email for more communication in the future. Those of you who have managed to avoid home computer technology---don't despair! We will continue to use and maintain a paper mailing list for you.

Elizabeth Martin

Home Fire Prevention Checklist

The tragic house fire in our neighborhood recently is a sad reminder to us all that not only do we have to protect our property from wildfires, but there are things we should do inside our homes to protect them from fire. The information in this checklist was provided by the Idaho City Volunteer Fire Department.

Prevent Fires Before They Start!

Use this home fire prevention and safety checklist to do a room-by-room search for and correct any fire hazards in your home.

Throughout Your Home

Install smoke detectors on every level of the home in rooms, stair landings, and passageways. Test them monthly. Change batteries twice a year.

Keep all lighters and matches in locked or high cabinets away from children.

Make certain there are two escape routes from every room, including basement bedrooms.

Replace or have repaired any appliance with frayed or loose cords or wires.

Wood Stove and Fireplace

Clean wood stoves and fireplace chimneys before each heating season.

Burn only dry, seasoned wood in the fireplace or wood stove to reduce the build up of creosote in the chimney.

Close the screen or heat-tempered glass door when the stove is in use to prevent sparks from igniting furniture, drapes, or other items.

Stack newspapers, wood, matches and other items that might catch fire away from the fireplace or wood stove.

Install an approved stove board under wood stoves and place the stove at least 3 feet away from any wall.

Basement/Utility Room

Have your furnace checked before each heating season to be sure it is in proper working condition.

If you use the basement as a bedroom, make sure windows are large enough to crawl through in case of fire.

Do not store trash and anything that could catch fire near the furnace.

Become familiar with your electric panel. Check for proper wiring and fuses.

Clean lint from dryer screen before each use.


Use the proper gauge extension cord with any power tool or high-wattage equipment.

Store gasoline in approved, tightly sealed containers and use only as a motor fuel.

Keep paints and other flammable liquids away from any source of heat or flame.

Dispose of oil-soaked rags after use or store in a tightly-closed metal container.

Place unused charcoal in a metal container with a tight-fitting lid in a cool, dry place. Damp charcoal can ignite itself.

Ray Eklund

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From Brent's Desk

As I sit writing this article, the rain is plinking on my roof. It's a great sound; but not the one I expected a few days from Christmas. I was rather expecting to hear that creak, creak, groan. . . swoosh sound as our roof shucked a load of snow. I had a lot of expectations when I moved up here; and kind of like the snow this year-- some came when and as I expected-- some did not. But also just like the rain, all the experiences I have gone through since I arrived in Duquette have been welcome. As the fall slips into winter (and hopefully snow), I can't help but think that we sometimes forget that it's not just a house, it's our home up here. We are not just a subdivision crammed up against each other, a few block from an Albertson's. We are blessed to be in a place such as this-- take a minute to soak up the stars, and say hi to our neighbors. If you work at it a little bit, you can get time to slow down just a tad when you're here.

A Merry Christmas to you all.

Western Land Company Update

I'm sure most of you have noticed Western Land tearing up the road and the meadow to install power and phone lines. Our mild fall was certainly kind to WLC as they prepare Division 4 for development. Mentioned elsewhere in the newsletter is the update on the new water tank they installed; we are certainly glad to see that! Other WLC projects that have started and will be continued in the spring are: the new entrance and double gates; top coating of the new roads; continued expansion of Meadow Drive; and the fire suppression holding tank.

Brent Adamson


Fortunately, it appears our water worries and woes are, at least temporarily, quelled. In mid-November, Western Land Company installed a new (additional) 10,000 gallon water storage tank. At about the same time that tank was being installed; leaks were identified in the existing (original) 10,000 gallon storage tank. Those leaks have been repaired so we are now operating with the capacity for 20,000 gallons of storage. Due to the age and condition of the original tank, we anticipate replacing it next spring so that we will continue to maintain GOOD storage capacity into the future.

The Board had determined the need to increase our water supply and arrangements had been made to deepen three of our existing wells-- due to the busy schedule of the drilling company this work was scheduled for the spring of 2003. Due to concern about avoiding water shortage problems this winter, the Board called on Loyal Willis to use his influence to convince the well drilling company of the seriousness of our needs. In early December the well drilling company did deepen one of the existing wells to increase our water supply. New pumps were placed in that, and one other, well. The same process will be considered for two of our other wells in the spring. The Board will continue to monitor all needs and options, including a new well, when necessary.

Theresa Mann


Effective February 1, 2003 the Duquette Pines Subdivision gate code will change. The new number will be: #6152. Remember, the #(pound) sign is part of the code and must be pressed prior to entering the digits.

Resident Manager Report

Happy Holidays everyone. November was a tough month for Duquette Pines with the fires and low water. On behalf of Duquette Pines Board Members and myself I would like to express our sympathy to the Osborne Family for the loss of your home and say we are very happy to see that you are rebuilding.

We had low water problems due to fires and because our storage tank was leaking from a crack on the side of the tank. The crack has been fixed and Western Lands put in a new storage tank. We also had the well drillers come up and drill one of our low producing wells deeper, which seems to have helped. They will be back up here in the spring to clean up the rest of our wells, and to also dig them deeper.

December is here and winter is fast approaching and I would like to remind everyone that the roads in Duquette Pines are icy. So please slow down in the subdivision when driving behind someone, approaching someone coming from the opposite direction, and near our gate. I also want to remind all four wheelers, snowmobiles, and motorcycles to please slow down; the speed limit is 20mph--not just for cars and trucks.

Matthew Williston, Resident Manager