Mountain Folk News
February 2004

Jim White, our Resident Manager

Our manager Jim White has been really busy this fall and winter! Many of you have seen Jim out checking our water system for leaks. He has fixed at least nine valve leaks before the snows fell. This has actually had a positive effect on our wells. We’re using a lot less water now!

Aside from keeping an eye on the subdivision and making regular tours of the neighborhood, Jim’s duties have included cutting down dead trees and hauling them away, arranging to get the “Mulcher” to the subdivision, getting rid of stumps along the road, learning about water quality. He's even helped pull about four cars out of the ditch, which really isn't one of his assigned duties!

In short, Jim’s been a great help to lots of folks since he’s come on board as our manager. He’s always willing to help, although he does want folks to know that he expects people to contact Board members, not him, for Board related matters.

Jim also wants to acknowledge the help of his “able assistant” Don Willis. Don is always willing to help, whether it’s shoveling mud out of a waist-deep hole to repair a water line, or replacing the gate board on a blustery day. The residents of Duquette Pines are very fortunate to have both Jim and Don taking care of our subdivision.


History of the Duquette Pines System of Wells

Quite a lot of work has been done on wells in our subdivision this past year and the Board thought it might be helpful to provide a history and current status of our five wells.

Loyal and Barbara Willis settled in Duquette Pines in 1970 and had well #1 drilled in October of that year. This well is located near the home at 101 Meadow Drive. Its original depth was 297 ft. and the pump was placed at 247 ft. The original pump was replaced in 1990 by a new 3 hp pump. In December of 2002 this well was deepened to 550 ft. and the pump was again replaced.

This first well provided enough water for the first homes until 1976, when wells #2, #3 and #4 were drilled. All three of these wells are located on the hill above the meadow.

Well #2 was originally drilled to 445 feet. It was deepened to 600 feet in September 2003, but unfortunately caved in. In November 2003 this well was re-opened and put back on line November 27, 2003.

Well #3 was originally drilled to 296 feet and the pump was placed at 290 feet. This well produced very well until 2003, when low water levels began causing the pump to run for 45 minutes or so every 6 to 7 hours.

The third well drilled in 1976 was well #4. It was originally drilled to 250 feet. In 1990 this well was in the process of being deepened when it caved in. The pump was raised and the well continued to produce until 1994, when it became contaminated.

Well #5 was drilled to 489 feet in 1994. It is located near well #1 off Meadow Drive. The pump was installed at 295 feet. In November 2002 a new 3 hp pump was installed on this well. It is the best producer of the five wells, putting out 20 to 25 gallons per minute.

Between December 2002 and the present, $35,278.20 has been spent on the improvements to existing wells #1, #2, and #5.

Hopefully this brief overview will provide some insight into the history of our wells and the upgrades that have been done over the past years. As our water system continues to age and as more homes are constructed in our subdivision, more work will be required on these wells. It is also entirely possible that one or two new wells will need to be drilled in future years.

Vehicle Storage

The Board has received requests for information from some property owners asking whether a community “storage area” for vehicles would be available. For a period of time in the past, Loyal Willis had generously offered the use of a portion of his property for temporary parking of residents’ “excess” vehicles.

That property, along with other property owned by Duquette Pines, Inc. (owners, Willis and Reinhart), including the “Meadow” property, was sold to Western Land Company and became a part of Duquette Pines Sub. #4. There currently is no “common property” available to owners of Duquette Pines Subdivisions #1, 2 and 3 for use as a storage area. Storage of vehicles on individual lots is addressed in the CCRs for each respective division.

Road Maintenance

With so much snow already this winter, our roads are certainly foremost in our thoughts and concerns. Our road contractor has been working long, hard hours to keep our roads not only passable, but also wide enough to allow two-lane traffic in most areas.

Our snowplow/grader operator had some incidents with drivers recently that need to be brought to everyone's attention. On more than one occasion when the operator was moving snow, a vehicle came up behind the grader and passed on the left before the operator was able to create enough room to get out of the way. In at least one case this caused the vehicle to nearly hit the grader and nearly go into the ditch. When a vehicle comes up behind the grader, the operator will move over to let it pass as soon as he is able. In some cases this means the operator must move snow out of the way, back up, then move more snow before pulling over to the right.

It is important that drivers leave plenty of room behind the grader and wait for the operator to signal that it is safe to pass. He will move out of the way as soon as it is possible for him to do so safely. If we do not follow this safety procedure we not only risk an accident, but we also risk losing our contractor for road maintenance. Please be patient and safe.

Costs of Road Maintenance

In response to questions from some of you, here is information on our road maintenance expenditures.

In the July 1, 2002 through June 30, 2003 budget year, disbursement to our road contractor was in the amount $11,881.81.

In the current fiscal year to date, our road contract expenditure for maintenance has been $6,806.77, with just less than six months remaining in the 2003-2004 budget year. An additional expenditure of $5,600.00 for new road construction was necessary to create safe, year-round road access, and less costly road maintenance to property that previously received only minimal winter road access.

Additional road expenses, not included in the above amounts, would include portions of manager and employee wages as well as supplies and gate repairs.

Snowmobile Courtesy

In our summer newsletters we often remind residents of road safety topics that apply to autos, trucks and motorbikes. These same cautions apply to snowmobiles in the winter. Here are some courtesies to remember:

Not everyone enjoys the fun and excitement of snowmobiles. But for those of us who like this form of recreation, the more courteous we are when enjoying the snow, the more pleasant it will be for everyone.

We now have our own web site, The site is the repository of important Duquette Pines business and timely updates. In fact, it seems something new is added just about every week or so.

Right now, you can find residents’ comments regarding the Board letter sent out regarding CCR violations. And immediately after each Board meeting, we put up the Minutes from our Board meetings.

You’ll also find complete Covenants for our three divisions, the Bylaws, past Newsletters, a History of the subdivision, and much more.

We have tried to make the site easy to access, with all the latest updates on the front page, and with a minimum of pictures for fast downloading.

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