Mountain Folk News

June 2003

Western Land Update
by Brent Adamson

Even though Division 4 is separate from what we do in Divisions 1, 2 and 3; we all are interested in what is going on and how it interfaces with our lives. As you probably have noticed, they are doing some road work including top coating and widening of Meadow Drive. The entrance is slowly being worked on and we should continue to see some activity in the next several weeks.

Since water is a big concern to all of us, including water for fire suppression, I thought I would let you know where we are in terms of fire protection. Western Land is on track to install a 10,000 gallon tank for fire suppression. It will be a stand-alone tank for fire suppression only. As you may be aware, we currently have no place to store (park) our pickup tank sprayer, or other equipment. So we are in discussions with WLC to have a 10,000 gal tank installed in our water system that would be potable and accessible at our fire stand pipes throughout the development. We are also talking about securing a plot of land to build a garage type building to house our truck and any future equipment.

As I mentioned, we are in discussions; I believe that the outcome will be a positive one that benefits both divisions 1-3 and 4 as it continues to develop. We discussed this at the annual meeting and most folks had a good response and helped us formulate some additional ideas for presentation to WLC. We will keep you posted as things develop.

From Brent's Desk

I realize that by the time you read this it may be officially summer; but we still need to think about spring cleanup. I have been on a rather large remodel project for the last 2+ years; and it has created havoc with the landscape around our home. I stepped back and looked the other day and realized that if my neighbor were trying to sell his house, the appearance of my property would have a negative impact on that event. Now I may have a good excuse; but it still looks unkempt around here. So, now I have to pick up all the loose lumber and other things I’ve piled around while I was building. The inside is not done; but the siding is on, so now it is time to clean up outside. It looks like I will have plenty of scrap to have another winter bonfire. Take a look around; you may find some of what I found. Happy cleaning!

Some things impact you at an early age and continue to have influence over you as you age. Two of those things in my life are litter and vandalism. As I drove the kids to school this past year, it was bothersome to me to see that folks are throwing trash on the roadway. It seems most evident on Mondays, and I would guess it is because of weekend usage. On the way back from school I would stop and pick up various items along our Duquette road. It was with some odd comments (since I don’t drink Bud) that my kids would greet me in the afternoon, after seeing the trash in the back of our pickup. Vandalism, like litter produces only one question in my mind: Why? It seems senseless that we would tear up or paint ball our surroundings. If you’re doing it, send me a note and fill me in on why you do. But more importantly, let us know if you see suspicious or impolite activity. One person might feel overwhelmed; but as a community, we can encourage all of our folks to watch out for each other. It’s a great place to be, let’s enjoy it as it was designed.

I saw this the other day:
“If you are lucky enough to be in the mountains, you’re lucky enough”

Non-Compliance with CCRs

The Board would like to remind property owners that the CCRs address the appropriate storage of vehicles, equipment and ‘bulk storage’ that “…may be or become an annoyance or nuisance to any of the surrounding owners.” We would ask that owners of such ‘storage’ please take appropriate action to eliminate any potential ‘nuisance’ by storing such property in an existing approved enclosed building; submitting plans to the Board for approval of such a building if you desire to continue storage on your property; or removal of the vehicle/equipment/bulk storage. To ensure that all owners continue to benefit from the CCRs, the Board will be sending letters to certain owners regarding issues of non-compliance with the CCRs requesting cooperation in keeping Duquette Pines a pleasant place to live. The Board believes its obligation to all owners requires action when non-compliance of the CCRs infringes on other owners and, therefore, is prepared to seek legal action in those cases. Please help us avoid the necessity for such action.

Revision of CCRs

The Board is reviewing the individual CCRs of Duquette Pines Subdivisions 1, 2 and 3 and preparing a ‘Summary of Comparison’ for consideration of combining the CCRs of these three subdivisions. While the CCRs are similar, there are some differences that, if modified, would allow for more consistent governance. We ask your input and identification of any portions of the CCRs that might need modification. Upon completion of the ‘Comparison’, recommendations for changes will be provided to all owners for review. A 75% vote of the owners of each division is required to modify or amend the CCRs

Road Safety

This time of year the weather is nice almost every day and we all love to get outside to enjoy our beautiful surroundings. But we are having a problem, folks; a problem with speeding cars, 4-wheelers and motorbikes. Recently there was a young man (not a resident) whose car went off Meadow Drive, rolling and hitting a tree. The car was a total loss, but miraculously the young man wasn’t hurt. Not only could he have been seriously hurt, but any child or adult walking in the area at the time could have easily been seriously hurt as well.

Our subdivision speed limit is 20 miles per hour. This may seem slow when you are late for work or enjoying a nice evening on your dirt bike. But 20 miles per hour is a safe speed for our roads.

Your board has gathered information and is looking at some methods for controlling speeding drivers. One thought we have had is to add speed bumps or dips in strategic locations throughout the subdivision--especially the longer, straighter stretches. We conducted an email survey about the idea of speed bumps, and out of 15 residents responding, 9 support speed bumps, 4 oppose, and 1 person did not feel strongly one way or another.

The sheriff’s department is going to cooperate by driving through the subdivision as much as possible. The deputy I spoke to reminded me that they cannot enforce speeding regulations on private property. However, if we witness reckless driving in the subdivision, we are to try to get the license number of the driver, as well as a description. The witness must sign the citation along with the officer. If the driver is charged and must go to court, the witness must be able to testify as to the identity of the driver.

The most effective solution is prevention. So parents, please teach your kids good driving habits, whether by car, 4-wheeler or dirt bike. And adults, it is your responsibility to model good driving behavior; speed included.

Ballots Due July 15, 2003

This year property owners have the opportunity to elect one board member. Ray Eklund completes a three-year term the end of July, and that position will be filled at this election. Board member terms are three years and begin August 1st.

It’s important that each of us take the time to consider our vote, as major changes are continuing for the subdivision. As a result, Board members attend not only regular and special board meetings, but also community meetings. They also work on various Board and subdivision projects. All these activities require a considerable commitment of time by each Board member.

The ballot you receive has important information concerning your vote. To have your vote count, the ballot must be signed by the owner. Please, take time to consider your vote, read the directions on the ballot carefully, and return your ballot early so that it will be received no later than July 15, 2003.

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