Snow & Roads

Vehicles equipped with 4WD, chains and/or studded tires are essential for safe winter driving. In general, winter road maintenance on subdivision roads is limited to that necessary to provide passable, single-lane roads for cars with chains or 4WD vehicles with traction type tires.

Because of the varied start times for optimum snow plowing within the subdivision, all residents should use caution when driving our roads while snow removal equipment is operating. This is especially true in the early morning hours when road conditions can be the most treacherous.

Road Maintenance and Snow Removal Contract

The Gardner Company is the subdivision's current road maintenance and snow removal contractor. Questions or problems regarding these services should be directed to the property manager or any Board member, not to the contractor's employees.

Due to contractual and insurance concerns, residents may not plow roads. Please limit your snow removal to your driveway and other areas on your property. During snow season, snow removal equipment will be working at varied hours, so drive carefully at all times. Snow berms left in front of driveways due to snow plowing may be unavoidable.

Snow Removal - Private Property

Subdivision road contractors are not contracted to work on any owner's private property, including driveways. The Board assumes no liability for any work requested by a property owner and performed by the subdivision's road maintenance and snow removal contractor on the owner's property.

Other alternatives for snow removal include having your own snow blower, or a cooperative arrangement with a neighbor who has one, or hiring a local individual who provides seasonal snow plowing service in the area. Snow plowing services are usually advertised in the local paper and posted on bulletin boards in town.

Road Maintenance Asessments

The DPHOA Board is responsible for billing property owners for annual road maintenance and/or water system assessments. The assessment billing period is July 1 - June 30. Invoices are mailed in late June.

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