Underground Utilities -- Dig Line

For your safety, prior to commencing on any major construction project, call Dig Line at (208) 342-1585 or log on the web site at www.digline.com. Striking a utility line may cause harm to adults or children. At a minimum, it will certainly disrupt your services and very possibly water and utility services to others.

Idaho Code, Section 55, Chapter 22 is the source you can use to understand Underground Facilities Damage Prevention. Here are a couple of hints to protect you and reduce potential liability to the contractor/operator/property owner. Before excavating 15 inches or greater, call dig line to mark your utility and water lines. Ensure you allow at least 2 business days prior to excavation or deep tilling.

Please understand that the individual digging is responsible to ensure compliance with the Idaho Code and may be held liable to the underground facility owner.

If any line is damaged or accidentally cut, take immediate safety precautions to reduce risk of exposure (electrical). Turn off the water valve if possible, or contact the property manager immediately to shut off the water valve if it is necessary. If he cannot be reached, contact any Board member.

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