Board Responsibility for Building Plan Approval

The DPHOA Board has responsibility for the review and approval of building plans for structures within the subdivision prior to their construction. This includes requests for variances by the owner. When reviewing plans, the Board's primary concern will be with the design and exterior finish that harmonize with and compliment the natural environment, and that the location of buildings meet the CCR setback requirements.

The Board does not review building plans or inspect buildings during construction to ensure that they meet any local or other building code requirements and/or for structural integrity. This is the sole responsibility of the owner. Owners are to submit their request and building plans in writing to the Board and receive approval prior to the beginning of construction including septic systems, standpipes, water hookup/well drilling, tree removal, etc. Site grading and/or excavation for footings, foundations or piers shall be construed as start of construction.

Requests for building plan approvals should be received no later than 30 days prior to the time necessary for the Board's decision. The Board has 30 days to respond in writing to the owner's request.

Covenant (CCR) Violations

The DPHOA Board has no "police" authority. However, the Board will notify violators and request compliance. If the violator refuses to comply, the Board's only recourse is through appropriate legal action. Such action has been and will continue to be exercised where deemed necessary. The Board views the CCRs not as a set of Statutory Laws but as a set of mutually agreed upon rules of conduct to insure the type of community we all want to live in and enjoy.

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