Welcome New Residents

We're glad to have you as neighbors! Please make sure you receive our Welcome packet. In it you will find a little bit of everything, including a history of Duquette Pines, information about building plans, road maintenance, the water system, covenants and assessments. It also contains helpful information regarding fire safety, wild animal safety, and a list of County and local services.

A couple of things to remember if you will be building in the subdivision:
1. The Duquette Pines Home Owners Association (DPHOA) Board has the responsibility to review and approve building plans for all structures prior to construction. This includes requests for variances. You will find details in the Welcome Packet, as well as a list of the property owner's responsibilities.

2. The water hookup and standpipe installation specifications are standard for all lots in the Subdivision. Make sure you have a copy of the document titled "Typical Residential Water Hookup," prior to starting constructions. It provides a list of specific parts, as well diagrams for hookup to the subdivision water system.

3. While you are still a "new"resident, you may forget the gate code. There is a telephone provided by the gate. You can use that to call your home or any of the Board officers to get the correct code.

Once again, welcome. We hope you come to love Duquette Pines as much as we do.