Our Water System

In Divisions One, Two, Three, and some of the lots in Four, we get our water from four community wells. The water from these wells is stored in three 10,000 gallon storage tanks. A series of pipes under the roads distributes the water throughout the subdivision.

Our system includes the wells, pumps, tanks, and main water lines, up to, and including, the main water shut off valve that connects to each property owner's water lines.

When everything is working properly, life is good.

Maintenance of the system includes water quality testing as scheduled by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, and repairs or replacement of pumps or other system components. Our water master is Brent Adamson.

Our subdivision's water system is managed according to a policy that limits water usage to normal household operation, which does not include water for gardens, lawns, livestock, or pasture. This helps ensure that we don't run out of water during the summer and fall!

To learn more about water conservation around the home, check out House2House or WaterWiser.