Our Water Quality

Our water comes from four wells that are hundreds of feet below the surface of the meadow. We are rightfully proud of the quality of our water.

The State Dept of Environmental Quality has a mandatory testing procedure, which our water master, Brent Adamson, follows each month. There are also a series of annual tests which he conducts.

By law, we must notify homeowners if our water fails to meet state standards. We post notices near the gate and use the front page of our website to notify folks as soon as we hear there's a problem.

The most common drinking water problem we've faced is contamination by disease-causing germs. This usually is the result of dirt getting into the system when someone new comes on-line. When this happens, we disinfect the lines by using chlorine.

When a notice is posted, users should choose one of these options as a self-protective measure: 1) secure drinking water from another approved source; 2) boil water used for consumption for five minutes; or 3) as a last resort, add 2 drops of bleach per quart and let the water sit for 30 minutes before drinking.

 The Department of Environmental Quality has a website devoted to water quality. It does a good job of answering most questions dealing with water quality. You can also find our latestreport filed on the Duquette Pines water system.

You can read the 2016 Consumer Confid Report for Duquette Pines here