What's New in the Neighborhood

DPHOA Members,

If you have a question or concern, regarding our subdivision, please email the Board.
If you have subject matter that requires a decision to be made by the Board, you can email the Board with your request to be put on the agenda. The monthly Board meetings are for the Board to conduct subdivision business. Owner attendance is encouraged, but not required. Owner input, at these monthly Board meetings, is limited to questions pertaining to topics on the current agenda.

Lisa Burt
DPHOA Board President

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Please do not push snow from your driveway across the road right-of-way. All snow from your property needs to stay on your property.

We have a handful of Gate remotes in if you have interest in purchasing one please contact David Burt 392-3770

If you have a complaint for the board to investigate please cut & paste this form into an email to the board.

Anyone with an unpaid balance as of July 1, 2016 will be considered past due. The board has collected on all current past due accounts except for two. The board is still taking action to collect on these accounts. The board will also take action to collect any new past due accounts as of July.

Please remember that all property within the subdivision is privately owned. Do not trespass with motorcycles, ATV, UTV or anything else. HAVE RESPECT FOR YOUR NEIGHBORS PROPERTY and their rights! Joy riding around the subdivision is generating a lot of complaints. Please take it to public lands outside the subdivision.

(Updated 09/13/16) The following individuals are overdue in paying their water and/or road payments: Names of individuals behind on their DPHOA bill.

We now have a Facebook page for discussions about issues facing Duquette Pines. Check out our page.



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